Explosive Launch Power Workout

Explosive Launch Power Workout

OK, this one will really get you moving and working hard! An Explosive Launch Power Workout. The workout is great for lower body power. Basketball players can benefit for improving vertical leap. Any other sports as well for general lower body / leg power.  Complete this workout on an off day, off season, or at…

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D.I.Y. Thick Handle Dumbbell

DIY Thick Handle DB

D.I.Y.  – How to Make your Own Thick Handle Dumbbell: Below and in the video I’ll be detailing 3 different, cheap, and easy ways to make your own thick handled dumbbells for grip training, dinosaur training, any other strongman, or just variety to increase your strength. 1)  Easy to make Thick Handled Dumbbell Tools  Dumbbell…

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Work Capacity Workout

Work Capacity Workout w/ Hex Bar + Bodyweight

Today is a short post. Just want to share my Workout of the Day with you all. It’s a Work Capacity Workout & it’s gonna test your mental fortitude. It did mine! I’m hitting a few things harder recently because I want to get back into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Submission Wrestling. I want to…

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Eating Habits – 10 sure fire tips

What kind of food

Sometimes you want to expose the muscles gained from all that hard work without losing the gains. Other times, you just need to eat different to gain some muscle or size or just plain feel better. Dedication and discipline level is much higher when the goal is to cut that last layer of fat vs…

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Mobility Thoughts & Drills / Exercises for HS Athletes …and everybody else too!

HS Athletes Mobility Drills

Mobility Drills for Athletes: Some thoughts & suggestions Here are some thoughts & a bunch of ideas for mobility exercises that you can do consistently to improve you functional movement when you work out. If you are a high school athlete then you want to start practicing some of these warm up / prehab /…

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Rule #1 …DEADLIFT!

No Excuses!

Here I have found some content and curated it for you concerning the Deadlift .  Ya gotta love it for many reasons. It’ll make you much stronger overall. It’s an impressive exercise. You can add it to a variety  workouts for different goals. It’s impressive & can boost your confidence when you line up those…

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Balance Exercises & Balanced Life

Balance Training 
Athletic Balance Agility

  Balance in body,mind,life:   Do you only train your right arm? Do you only train the front of your body ?? Do you only train your upper body ??? Well, some of you skip legs but I’m talking to the rest of you!  Try this Self Test:     Balance is important for any…

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The Barbell Squat….Useless?

Back Squat .

This is some curated content about the barbell squat that I found interesting & useful. There is some controversy surrounding the squat exercise and how to perform it. Also, whether to do it at all! I personally do it in my routine regularly. I love it for a variety of reasons including but not limited…

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How to act…Gym Etiquette 101

Strength  - within

Gym Etiquette 101 This is going to be the first lesson in GYM MANNERS. Hey listen, everybody knows that you aren’t  supposed to do curls in the squat rack but there are a few other annoying habits that people demonstrate in the gym that can just throw off your workout. Maybe even your whole day!…

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3 Minute Sit Up Challenge

Knee Grab Sit Up

Perform as many Knee Grab Sit – Ups as possible in 3 minutes!   Sit  Up Challenge Rules (ughhh ..always w/ the rules, rules, rules) : * Begin lying on your back w/ arms overhead & legs extended * Start Timer * Sit Up while bringing knees to your chest & wrap arms around your…

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