3 Minute Sit Up Challenge

Knee Grab Sit Up

Perform as many Knee Grab Sit – Ups as possible in 3 minutes!

Knee Grab Sit Up

Warrior Sit Up Challenge


Sit  Up Challenge Rules

(ughhh ..always w/ the rules, rules, rules) :

* Begin lying on your back w/ arms overhead & legs extended

* Start Timer

* Sit Up while bringing knees to your chest & wrap arms around your shins at top

* Return to start position Congrats – that’s 1 : )

* Now repeat as many as possible. Breaks are allowed but times keeps running.

* Poor form doesn’t count. All the way up & all the way down. No Cheating

Scoring: Cub = 15 – 25 Young Predator = 30 – 40 Pack Leader = 45 – 60+


GET SOME ! [ Oh btw – borrowed from Martin Rooney’s Ultimate Warrior Workouts. Yeah I bought the Book & I might be borrowing more challenges ]

A couple of demo videos  below (although NONE I found  showed it exactly as he describes the Warrior Sit Up in the book)

Guess I’ll have to film myself when I can find the time to get a camera person and editor 🙂

#1 Cool that this is not in English – no distraction for me anyway

#2 Quick Easy description & demo


Enjoy & remember to rack your weights. 


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    June 27, 2016

    No Problem – Awesome Video !

    Thank You For Making & Posting the video 🙂

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