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Balance in body,mind,life:


Do you only train your right arm?

Do you only train the front of your body ??

Do you only train your upper body ??? Well, some of you skip legs but I’m talking to the rest of you!

 Try this Self Test:


Balance Self  Test

Balance Self Test


Balance is important for any type of efficient athletic performance (No duh Sandy!). The thing is, that although “everybody” knows this, most people don’t train it, don’t think about it, think that it’ll just “come naturally”, or totally disregard it. Like anything you want to improve upon, you have to train this as well.

A few minutes a day or week will do the trick. Gee, but I have “No time” … I know, I know 5-10 minutes to improve everything else is a lot to ask. You wast so much time waiting in line, watching TV, & ON YOUR PHONE  the most major time waster ever, that you could do 10Xs the amount of exercise needed to improve this at least.

The earlier in life that you exercise your balance training, the less you will need to fear it later. Do you want to fall and break a hip buddy ? I don’t ! These are the things that fight aging. The problem with lack of physical balance is that it creates a bad cycle that needs to be broken.

Athletic Balance

Old Time Balance Demonstration

Less active (sedentary) >>> Less Balance >> Balance Gets Worse —-> Repeat —> You’re old constantly worried about falling!

Worse yet, you do fall!

I recently read a good article that goes into all sorts of detail about this subject and you can check it out here:

Boost Your Balance; Avoid Falls “Exercises in 30s and 40s Can Keep You Steadier as You Age”

I’m going to give you the high points.

Obviously we’re not going to go into  a lot of detail about the physiological workings of the body or detailed medical terms and descriptions but a quick explanation is in order. Balance is controlled by the brain’s cerebellum which controls movement through  coordination of three systems:

1. Visual

2. Inner Ear

3. Body Position

As people age ~ or if you’re already in more advanced years (60+) you might need to hold a handrail for plain old safety reasons and definitely if you are going to attempt any of these exercises you want to HOLD ON to something. This will be anti-aging and might help keep dementia at bay. Movement improvement and getting your brain to work with your body will be more good than bad, that’s for sure.

Balance starts to fade at 40+ years…ugh just like everything else but you can fight back with practice!

If you’re younger then its never too soon to start – think about it for a minute. Babies any young kids are uncoordinated…balance will improve SPEED, AGILITY, FLOW between your left side and your right side.

Exercises to do:

1.   Walk on different types of surfaces (grass, pavement, sand, one foot on one and the other on a different, etc)

2.   If you are on a subway, train, bus, etc. hold on lightly to the hand strap or pole. Stay balanced while moving.

3.   Stand on an unstable surface; Bosu ball (the half one) or a pile of pillows. (HOLD ONTO SOMETHING until you’re ready to advance to not holding on!!!)

4. Walk in a circle – keep shrinking as you go around. Reverse the pattern.

5. Stand on One Leg. *Advanced = eyes closed*

6. Get up out of a chair 10 times…w/o using your hands. *Advanced = eyes closed*

7. Weave between 5 objects placed on the ground in a straight line.

8. Stand w/ feet shoulder width apart, right foot in front of left, shift weight right and raise left heel 10 times then switch sides. *Advanced = eyes closed, alternate left and right feet, shift back towards rear foot instead of forward shift and raise toes*

Remember … practice, Practice, PRACTICE! Yup …we’re talking ’bout Practice!!

Achieve some zen balanced clam & flow in your game…. and you won’t go wrong.

Add it to your tool box when you’re standing or sitting around doing mindless activities.

Zen Beach Balance Exercises

Balance Training Exercises

Be safe & rack your weights.


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