The Barbell Squat….Useless?

Back Squat .

This is some curated content about the barbell squat that I found interesting & useful.

There is some controversy surrounding the squat exercise and how to perform it. Also, whether to do it at all! I personally do it in my routine regularly. I love it for a variety of reasons including but not limited to – making me stronger, providing a good workout, and overall I get more powerful when I mix them in. I include the Front Squat, Kettlebell Squats, Overhead Squat, Sandbag Squats, etc for variety.

Can the squat be dangerous or cause you injury? Certainly! As can most anything ….when done incorrectly. If you don’t have a good coach, you reach for the heavy weights too soon, or you are generally unsafe especially when starting out (ex: alone in your basement filming on your I-phone without a rack for your 15 mins of Youtube fame! ). This will land you in the FAILs highlight real at best & at worst in the ER.

Enjoy the content and …..



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