D.I.Y. Thick Handle Dumbbell

DIY Thick Handle DB

D.I.Y.  – How to Make your Own Thick Handle Dumbbell:

Below and in the video I’ll be detailing 3 different, cheap, and easy ways to make your own thick handled dumbbells for grip training, dinosaur training, any other strongman, or just variety to increase your strength.

1)  Easy to make Thick Handled Dumbbell


DIY Thick Handle DB

DIY Easy to make thick handled dumbbell

  •  Dumbbell or Barbell
  • Small Towel / Rag
  • Duct Tape

How To

  • Wrap the towel around the DB to desired thickness & tightness
  • Rip off strip of tape
  • Wrap tape securely around edges of towel leaving some room in middle for your hand


2) Rope Thick Handled Dumbbell


DIY Thick Handle DB

DIY Rope Thick Handled DB


  • DB
  • Rope
  • Medical Tape or Glue

How To

  • Wrap Rope around handle tightly
  • Use Strips of tape or glue (more permanent !) to secure rope


3) Easiest Way, Not Cheapest, Not Fastest 


Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz – DIY Thick Handle DB


  • DB
  • Fat Gripz


How to

  • Attach Fat Gripz



The last isn’t the fastest or cheapest because you might have to order it online & wait for it to arrive. Once you have the Fat Gripz, then it’s pretty convenient to take on & off or even throw into your gym bag to take to a commercial gym.

The first two methods work very well and are cheap for your own home equipment. They are a tad bit more permanent & also not practical for the commercial gym. Also, these methods will tie up one of your DBs or bars. If you do this on a bar with method #1 then you can always slide it to the middle when you want the regular size.

D.I.Y. Thick Handle Dumbbell Video Example:

Thick handle training is going to make you stronger overall. ……………

Give ’em a go..play around with it. It’s always good to work your grip so when you grab something or someone, it’s really grabbed & not going to wrench loose!