Eating Habits – 10 sure fire tips

What kind of food

Sometimes you want to expose the muscles gained from all that hard work without losing the gains. Other times, you just need to eat different to gain some muscle or size or just plain feel better.

Dedication and discipline level is much higher when the goal is to cut that last layer of fat vs basic weight / fat loss.


Let’s get to it :

1) EAT LESS !!!!

I don’t understand what is so difficult to grasp about this concept. Eat less = less calories = weight loss. When your pants get tight, that’s what the police call a “clue”. Waif models have figured this out why can’t a person who is an athlete or weekend warrior? Back off the troth, push away the plate, & get movin. Enough said.

2) Carbs are the enemy

Cutting down on carbs works. It works for two reasons. First, is that it controls the rise and fall of blood sugar. Second, is that by attempting to control the carb intake, you naturally eat less and eat better. You don’t cut them completely just drop them for a time and then ease them back up. Also, you want to combine them with protein to slow digestion. Many books on this just grab one and see for yourself!

3) Protein

What kind of food

What to eat ?
Diet / nutrition plan

This basically goes hand in hand with #2. You want to get protein to build the muscle your workout created (you are working out, right?!).

4) Late night eating is a no, no.

You want your body to burn the old stuff while you snooze, not some late night meal. It’s temping to graze on junk late but resist. Besides, your body will be fasting / starving for 8 hrs overnight….nice!

5) Eat breakfast

It wasn’t a lie when you were told this is the most important meal of the day. It’ll control your appetite so you don’t overdo lunch. You want to eat at home as well. A recent U of Mass study revealed that leaving this meal out doubles your risk of obesity. Nobody needs those odds that’s for sure.

6) Small meals or snacking

You’re hungry anyway so eat. Just have a snack in between meals. You want to have your body satisfied, so attempt to eat

something every two hours or so. But something good – NOT JUNK !

junk food

Crappy Eating Habits

7) Empty stomach workout

That’s right. This will force your body to dig into that stored fat for energy. Personally, I can’t eat before a workout or I’ll puke … Or be fighting that urge & nobody wants that! If you absolutely must eat, give yourself two hours before the workout.

9) Gas in the tank vs more workouts

Don’t crush yourself on every workout. Once in a while is OK, but this will lead to soreness & burnout. In time, you’ll be skipping gym time. You’ll begin constant recovery without ever totally recovering. This can also lead to injures which will derail your progress. In turn leave gas in your tank at the end and then consistently progress each day. A deload day won’t keep you from reaching your goals.

10) Be a cheater

I said it & I mean it. Have some cheat foods or cheat days. Most of us don’t have jobs that pay us to eat correctly and train every day on set schedules like fighters or bodybuilders. You’re going to have a schedule that got off track so take a day off and just pick up where you left off the next day. This process takes discipline, so in order to hold the line over time, you’ll need diet deload days too.

You can grab a book or two like the Zone or Atkins or whatever. Read a few books, take in what works for you and do it. Use them as a guide or outline. The main thing is getting started and then keep going. We all know good food from bad. So just get started.

The journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step.

Your Friend in Strength !

If you lift it, Rack it !


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