Explosive Launch Power Workout

Explosive Launch Power Workout

OK, this one will really get you moving and working hard! An Explosive Launch Power Workout.

The workout is great for lower body power. Basketball players can benefit for improving vertical leap. Any other sports as well for general lower body / leg power.  Complete this workout on an off day, off season, or at the very least, prior to a day off. You definitely do NOT want to over tax your legs when you need to perform in a game or practice (We’re talking about practice!). Basketball players are notorious for playing pickup games or having shoot arounds, etc even when they are off. You do enough running and jumping all the time… don’t over do it! Though they can benefit from the vertical leap or power this provides as can all sports.



Use a weight you can safely handle

Workout Directions

Complex 1:

1a.   Barbell Deadlifts 6-8 Reps

1b.   Dumbbell Jump Squats 8 Reps

~ Repeat Complex 1  / Then move to Complex 2  ~

Complex 2:

2a.   Box Jump 6-8 Reps

2b.   Barbell Good Mornings 8 Reps

~ Repeat Complex 2 / Then move to back Complex 1 ~

Do the whole thing twice. You can work up to more

Train wisely & If you use it / rack it !

Let me know how you did.