This is a Sample Workout to provide you with an idea of how a typical workout is structured

(Note: We always leave a little "gas in the tank" so there is no burn out)

1. Foam Roll


  • Roll to alleviate the knots and scarring that can build up from training 
  • Roll to reduce soreness from previous training  
  • Roll before Stretching because a tear or pull will likely happen on either side of scar tissue
  • Watch the video below & imagine the band is your muscle..when stretched to the limit - where will it snap?

2. Stretch


  • Basic Stretches to continue warming the muscles 
  • Reduce tightness built up during normal daily activities (e.g. sitting) 
  • 1000 yrs of Martial Arts can't be all wrong
  • It will make you feel better & reduce injury

3. Active / Dynamic Warm - Up


  • Body Weight Movements to Prepare You to Train
  • This is a minor workout in and of itself 

4. Work Out


1A) Mixed Pull Ups / recline ring rows 3 - 4 x submax reps
1B) Wheel Barrow 3 - 4 x submax distance

2) KB / DB Farmer Walks 3 - 4 x 150 ft

3A) Mixed Push Ups 3 - 4 x submax reps
3B) band pull aparts 3 - 4 x 10/10 overhand & underhand

4) Sled Dragging / Movement 3 – 4 x approx. 200 ft (weather permitting)

5) grip + core 3 x each

5. Foam Roll

(Time Permitting)

Total time is approximately 1 hour. We use basic movements and hit the entire body through the course of the week.

The above example is a basic workout that might be used as an introductory or FREE trail workout.

Instruction is given on how to execute each movement.

Will get the most "bang for you buck" and see the quickest results with this approach to training.

Each Workout Session Will Take About  1 Hour From Start to Finish

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