How to act…Gym Etiquette 101

Strength  - within

Gym Etiquette 101

This is going to be the first lesson in GYM MANNERS. Hey listen, everybody knows that you aren’t  supposed to do curls in the squat rack but there are a few other annoying habits that people demonstrate in the gym that can just throw off your workout. Maybe even your whole day! Ok – it’s going to be two lessons rolled into one post for ya .

Speaking of the Squat Rack & common courtesy, when you work out at a smaller gym, fitness center, etc and there is only 1 (ONE !)  squat rack you better…..

Strength  - withinnot be doing a thirty set squat workout with 3 warm up sets, puny weights, and a 5 minute rest period between sets. I mean come on…REALLY ?! You think somebody else might want to get in there for a few sets?? You’ve seen & felt the eyeballs on that guy. We aren’t appreciating the heavy rep he just did, we’re looking to see if he’s done and if there’s a bunch of people waiting who will cut in front of us. Hey buddy how about coming in during a slow time? I just want to knock out a quick 3-5 sets SHEESH!

Another really annoying habit a LOT of PEOPLE demonstrate has to do with the mirrors…no not the creeper thing! Gym Creepers will be addressed in a future etiquette post. In most commercial gyms, there is a huge wall of mirrors behind the dumbbell racks. This is just fine. You want to stare at yourself…errr I mean check your form, then that’s fine with me. The break down in manners comes when that guy or girl stands right up in front of the racks to look in the mirror ~ ugh so annoying! Hey, you think I might need one of those dumbbells you’re blocking with your thighs?! Or maybe need to walk from one side of the gym to the other to get them? People that is a through way. You can stand back and still see yourself I swear. If you can’t, then you might want to go to an optometrist. Also, those thingies that look like seats or benches with padding on them that you hung your towel or put your phone on….yeah, they move…forward, backward & side to side…you are allowed to stand in between them as well …WoW – Mind Blown! We all need the dumbbells, Dumbebell 😉

OK to wrap up – get out of the squat rack so somebody else can use it & more importantly DO NOT BLOCK THE DUMBBELL RACK TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR!


(Bad Boys II reference)

This has been your PSA for the day.

Always Rack Your Weights & Be Safe.


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