Mobility Thoughts & Drills / Exercises for HS Athletes …and everybody else too!

HS Athletes Mobility Drills

Mobility Drills for Athletes: Some thoughts & suggestions

Here are some thoughts & a bunch of ideas for mobility exercises that you can do consistently to improve you functional movement when you work out. If you are a high school athlete then you want to start practicing some of these warm up / prehab / mobility   drills now to prevent an injury plagued season , career and life !

I like to work from the bottom then move up when I do mobility drills, exercises &  warm ups …Ankles >>> Quads & Hamstrings . Do it anyway that works for you. Also Roll a ball around the bottom of your foot while standing ..this will release some tightness as well. Another tip for ya ..SSSSSSShhhhhhhhhh (secret!)

OK here are some thoughts and things that I do on a pretty consistent basis. I hope you enjoy.



Here are some band Ankle saving drills from Dick Hartzell. He seems like your old man neighbor , grandfather or teacher but he knows what to do. He is very through, methodical, & describes every detail of what to do…including how to move the band from one foot to the other. That was a tad too remedial for me ! HA Ha. But if you wok these in



Next in with your neighbor Mr  Dick Hartzell:




Fist Set for your Quads – The is from Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWOD. He’s pretty funny usually & sure knows he stuff!!

He does talk about 2 minutes & laying out into the drills. You might want to work up to that length of time…. I sure needed to !



Finish with some foam rolling : Mike Stehle a KB / Strength Coach from the good old Jersey Shore (NOT Sea Side ! LoL)


Prehab From Exos & Mark Verstegen

Incorporate these prehab exercises into your comeback routine:


  1. Foam Roll – Quadriceps / Hip Flexor
  2. Foam Roll – Hamstrings
  3. Glute Bridge – Padded


Movement Prep

Incorporate these Movement Prep exercises into your warm-up routine to help reduce your risk for injury and prepare your body for training:


  1. Heel to Butt – Moving Forward
  2. Quad / Hip Flexor Stretch
  3. Forward Lunge Elbow to Instep



Workouts too..before you workout !




Give ’em all a shot & i’m sure you’ll feel the difference BUT you probably won’t notice because it’ll just be a matter of you NOT getting injured !

If you want a good book on assessing & correcting your own mobility then check this out as well:

Functional Movement Screen

By Gray Cook

Just hear me & DO IT !!

Later ,


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