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All about me ………I was in High School in the ’80’s. Yeah I know I’m older than you! The 80’s were great for strong action movie stars though. We had Arnold Achwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, even Mel Gibson was in shape.

My family moved around a few times before I began school. My Dad was a college basketball coach so we moved from New Jersey to NC – East Carolina University to SC –Baptist College (now called Charleston Southern University) until we settled in State College, Pa …the land of the Penn State Nittany Lions, for 9 years while my dad coached Basketball there.

Penn State Names Ferner Men's Assit Coach

Penn State Names Ferner Men’s Assit Coach

I was amazed at the size and strength of these athletes. I mean one year in SC we had about half the basketball team over our house for Thanksgiving dinner. I was this little 5 year old surrounded by these 7 foot giants! At Penn State that amazement grew as I had the run of the place (being the coach’s kid was kinda cool!). I got to go to practices and sit on the floor at games. I remember one practice where one of the players just picked me right up & I could dunk the ball without a problem. I think that was the last time I did that on a regulation 10 ft rim. Ha, ha!

PSU '73 Heisman Winner RB John Cappelletti

PSU ’73 Heisman Winner
RB John Cappelletti


I was always athletic and played organized basketball, soccer, and unorganized football. Who didn’t play football in State College, Pa with future legends like Joe Paterno  & Heisman Trophy Winner John Cappelletti roaming the land ??!! It was a great time and place to grow up. We were all active in sports and outside play all the time. Our parents practically had to drag us in for dinner …I can still remember my best friend’s mom yelling for him “RRRrrrraaaaayyyyyymmmooonnddd!!”


Eventually we moved back to New Jersey were I continued my love of sports. I was also reading more and watching action movies. Conan books, spy novels, Black Belt Theater Martial Arts movies, and action movies. I was amazed at the things those characters, heroes, and professional athletes could do with their bodies. I wanted to do that & look like them. I saw The Terminator. Arnold appeared and I thought he had to be stronger than almost anybody.

I realized much later that there are different kinds of strength: Power, athleticism, body control, body weight, power lifting, farm boy strong, mental strength, “heart”, emotional strength, etc, etc. But I digress…

Sandy Ferner Disney April 1986a

My Friend Eric and me on HS Senior Trip to Disney. Check out the Huge Arms and Legs on Sandy !

I dabbled at strength training through those early years. I lifted in HS in my 10 x 10 bedroom where I stuffed an adjustable bench with plastic sand filled weights & 2 short dumbbell bars. I was still skinny although strong for my weight.

I used the College Gym at Georgia Tech when I went there.

When I got home after college I got serious & got results! I become “semi” knowledgeable  & worked out hard 6-7 days a week using a bodybuilding type body part workout. I ate …a lot! I took weight gain powder. I kept a journal of my weights and workouts  – probably the smartest thing in the gym I ever did without having been told to do so ! I learned things by asking people who were bigger or stronger or more efficient with exercise techniques. I wasn’t afraid to ask the gym owner or women for help or advice. Guess what ? I gained …Big! I gained 20 lbs of muscle over one year. I got stronger. I was asked (i.e. accused)  by one of my best friend’s if I was taking steroids. I thought “What’s this guy talking about ?? It’s called HARD WORK & DEDICATION !

I continued my strength training and increased my education until today.

Now, I want to share with others in the hopes of helping them (YOU!) reach success faster so that you the years of trial and error while also avoiding mistakes and injuries.


Some More Things About Me

Things I Love:

Happy_Dance Things I Love or Make me happy




    • Working Out – Obviously  🙂
    • Sports
    • Learning New Things
    • Spectacular Athletic Achievements – The ESPN Top 10 plays
    • Movies
    • Coffee
    • Music
    • Constantly Self Improving
    • Cooking
    • Apple Pie, Oreos, Homemade Chocolate Cip Cookies & Chocolate Milk
    • Travel
    • Confidence
    • Laughing … a lot & at most things


 Things That Annoy Me:

The-Hulk Things That Tick Me Off

  • Not Racking Your Weights (DUH!)
  • People that complain but don’t do anything to fix it
  • Slow drivers in the left lane
  • Irrational Insecurities
  • Poor Service
  • Bullies
  • Rude, Obnoxious, or Stuck Up Behavior
  • “Comedy” movies that are anything but funny


Things I USED to be: 

thumbs down things I don't like



  • Skinny
  • Insecure
  • Fear Criticism
  • Offer Complaints Instead of Solutions
  • Negativity

Knowing is not enough, WE MUST APPLY. Willing is not enough, WE MUST DO. “

~ Bruce Lee ~

Here’s the deal ~ What Alpha Athletic Will Do For YOU:

I promise to give you the proper tools & confidence to succeed in strength training & athletic pursuits.

I will help you on your journey with the knowledge I’ve gained through the 1000’s of hours studying, reading, spending my hard earned money, precious time, sweat, blood, tears (not too many!), pain & gain.

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Share your success.

I’m inviting —>> YOU << —- to join me.

~~  Your Friend in Strength,

~~  Sandy Ferner

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