D.I.Y. Thick Handle Dumbbell

DIY Thick Handle DB

D.I.Y.  – How to Make your Own Thick Handle Dumbbell: Below and in the video I’ll be detailing 3 different, cheap, and easy ways to make your own thick handled dumbbells for grip training, dinosaur training, any other strongman, or just variety to increase your strength. 1)  Easy to make Thick Handled Dumbbell Tools  Dumbbell…

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Rule #1 …DEADLIFT!

No Excuses!

Here I have found some content and curated it for you concerning the Deadlift .  Ya gotta love it for many reasons. It’ll make you much stronger overall. It’s an impressive exercise. You can add it to a variety  workouts for different goals. It’s impressive & can boost your confidence when you line up those…

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The Barbell Squat….Useless?

Back Squat .

This is some curated content about the barbell squat that I found interesting & useful. There is some controversy surrounding the squat exercise and how to perform it. Also, whether to do it at all! I personally do it in my routine regularly. I love it for a variety of reasons including but not limited…

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