D.I.Y. Thick Handle Dumbbell

DIY Thick Handle DB

D.I.Y.  – How to Make your Own Thick Handle Dumbbell: Below and in the video I’ll be detailing 3 different, cheap, and easy ways to make your own thick handled dumbbells for grip training, dinosaur training, any other strongman, or just variety to increase your strength. 1)  Easy to make Thick Handled Dumbbell Tools  Dumbbell…

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Work Capacity Workout

Work Capacity Workout w/ Hex Bar + Bodyweight

Today is a short post. Just want to share my Workout of the Day with you all. It’s a Work Capacity Workout & it’s gonna test your mental fortitude. It did mine! I’m hitting a few things harder recently because I want to get back into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Submission Wrestling. I want to…

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